How to Talk Girls: Never Get Caught Speechless Again

Published: 26th April 2010
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If you're googling for advice on how to talk to girls look no further. Talking to girls can be a scary task. Use these dating tips to help improve your confidence when talking to girls. Once you see how to talk to girls you will never be at a loss for words again. How you talk to girls will define, ultimately if they want to learn more about you or think you're a creep. See if the following scenario sounds familiar?

It's a beautiful setting. The mood is set. Your heart is racing. Across the table, past the lit candle and vase of flowers sits the girl of your dreams. She is more gorgeous now than ever before. You can't believe she actually agreed to go out with you, but there she is. Trouble is you're running out of items to talk about. You've already let her know about your fantastic job, she's already seen your great car, and you've even let her in about your buddies, your softball team, and your Playstation 3. So, what is left to discuss? Most likely it doesn't matter, because as we speak she's already made up her mind that you are never going to see the new dresser she just bought for her bedroom. Wait, what? That's right, amidst all your muttering about the wonderful things you've got going for you you've completely missed the point. Her. Keep reading to find out how to talk to girls.

You see gentlemen, women (and everyone for that matter) don't want to talk about you, they like to talk about them. So how is that done you ask? Simple, when your pretty lady friend asks a question about your job, car, house or ant farm, simply try and divert the topic back on her job, car, house, or stuffed animal collection. You will also want to try and initiate questions about her. When talking about her job, ask if she gets along with her boss. When talking about music ask her what concerts she's been to, did she enjoy it, is there a concert she's wanting to see? If so guess what you'll be doing on date number 2? Try and find out as detailed information about her as you can. It's almost like you're a reporter getting to the bottom of the story and the story is her, her life, her views, foods she likes, disagreements with her mother (careful with that one!), her ambitions, her dreams, just be curious in all things that have to do with HER!

Try to remember when discussing topics that are important to her it is crucial to not have an opinion at the end of every sentence. Here's what I mean. Her: I love it when American Eagle has a big sale (like that ever happens). You: Oh yea, I love that place. Her: I just got this top there last week. You: Really, I love the way it matches your eyes. Okay, so why do I say this? Two reasons, one: you are giving your thoughts away much too easily, two: you are not engaging her in two-way conversation. Try this instead. Her: I love it when American Eagle has a clearance sale. You: You must really like that store. Her: Oh yes! it's my favorite see this one time Jenny and I went there and she thought I should get these pants that were just horrible, but I insisted on getting these amazing Capri's instead. You: did Jenny like the Capri's? Her: Yea, when she saw them she agreed that they were way nicer! We go to the mall together all the time. I got this top there last week! You: You know the mall stays open for another couple of hours, do you want to go after we finish dinner? Her: Really! Yea that would be great, I'm having a great time on this date! You know maybe later you could help me with my new dresser. I need to move it into my bedroom!

Okay, so individual results may vary. Good luck and remember dating is supposed to be fun, so enjoy it!

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